An open letter to the opposition parties, to the people of Somaliland

Ibrahim Mead

Political analyst

Ottawa, Canada

September 25-2009

An open letter to the opposition parties, to the people of Somaliland

What (Somaliland) we are confronting to day is nothing but our sin! We sinned when we handed over our Somaliland to the killers of Somali Landers! To the enemy of Somaliland!

We are paying the price now!

We have no other alternative except to confront the gang and defeat them because they are determined to destroy Somaliland after they enriched themselves from the Somaliland they want to destroy! They are like the black (spider) widow that kills what gave her the enjoyment she needed!

We feel your frustrations, fatigue, worry and confusion. While we are far apart but we feel the same pain and the same concern together with you

Some one once said to a friend (S) “ may I tell you what you may (supposedly) already know?” then continued to tell his advice to his friend (S) after all!

The author found himself in this situation in this worrisome critical time Mother Somaliland is in!

So this is my advice as I see what is happening

1- Keep, our alternative provisional national salvation government, close to your chest, if and when the sold out Guurti individuals who are the majority in the house dare to renew for Riyaale! A sure way to destroy Somaliland, as we knew it! Declare that government forthwith

2 -Don’t start, with a compromising position

3- Stick on your position, 200%

When compromise comes you have got enough space to maneuver. You may give away the excess and keep the substance

4- Stick on principles and never waver, never falter. Live and die with what is good for Somaliland

5- know well whom you are dealing with

a-You are dealing with people below Afwaini in Moral emptiness

b- You are dealing with IMD- (Ignorance of Mass Destruction) in action!

c- You are dealing with “Awilian” mindset, running the show!

d- You are dealing with an ex-spay who fought against Somaliland and became the president of Somaliland yet determines to destroy Somaliland after his term is due!

e- You are confronting with goons, hoodlums, cabals and tantrums with no conscience and with no moral campus, selling their country with depressed price [ thaman bakhs ]

Of all these the blessing part of it is that you are saving Somaliland from a fox entrusted to look after the chicks!

Good news is you have the masses and the conscience of the nation behind you. However accommodating the people’s wishes and managing them and leading them is another challenge. We trust you are up to it and over it

We pray for the nation, we feel your anxieties, hopes and fears

Allah is with us

“ Walcaaqibatu lilmotaqeen. Flaa cudwaana illa clathaalimeen” sadaqallaahu alcatheem.

However peace

Ibrahim Mead

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