Not Only KULMIYE Is An Alternative But Viable Too

A year ago I wrote an article entitled “Without a doubt the KULMIYE is a national treasure”; this article will highlight why the KULMIYE party deserves both title. 

I believed Somalilanders will agree with me that the current regime whom his term of office expired on 6/4/09 has failed its duty and responsibility to deliver an effective and dynamic administration. 

Everyone with the right mind and knowledgeable with our constitution knows that this regime has no legitimately from above date onward.

If clear and clarity are neither I don’t know what else can; we need not to be a brain surgery to see that our country is heading a road to hell.  Look through the list below. 

The current regime tried every possible action and tactics to stir up civil war between the clan/tribes, and to destroy what we have been building in the last 18++yrs; surprised Why?!!!!!.  

According to our constitution the Riyaale’s regime has no legitimacy to govern From its record his regime has no respect/regards for the constitution and rule of law.  The tyranny of Riyaale and all of his action resembles as that of a dictatorship.  Since he comes to power Riyaale and his wild dog like team directly or indirectly has been instigating to stirs up tribal and clan conflict. 

What is more and surprisingly  he named not one, two or three but more than dozen  Ministers with their own budget for re-igniting tribal hatred and conflict between Somalilanders, these ministers includes Minster Awil, Ina Sulub, Abdilahi Yare, Ina Saleban wayne, Cabdilahi Ciro, Ina waran cade and so on. They have offices and representative in every region and cities.  From east to west of the country we seen the result i.e. community and tribes who have been living peacefully alongside each other for decade, are now killing each other and becoming enemies.

Couple weeks ago Riyaale’s regime sacked Burao’s police commissioner, simply because he refused to  carry out Riyaale’s rein of terror such as shooting unarmed and peaceful demonstrators.

His latest policy to divide and dig much healed wound between beelaha reer Burco is beyond anyone’s imagination. He named two police commissioner one for H/Jeclo and one for H/Hoonis, this has no logical explanation other than to set the two communities against each other and to undo a decade long work of nurturing an understanding and unity between H/J & H/H. 

The Riyaale’s monster regime took away all of the basic and fundamental right for our citizens.  Record speaks for this dying regime; that its daily duties include random arrest, beating and imprisonment without due course or proper procedures.  This greedy and totalitarianism of Riyaale and his bunch criminal put all the economic and financial institutions on their hand and that of few of his cronies.

I am not economist but from what I read and gathered from academics papers stated that Somaliland annual budget is estimated to top up $2000000+++ year, but only $50,000 is declared and for that 50% is unaccounted for, as for the $150000 it simply vanishes not other than onto a private overseas account owned by Riyaale and his friend. 

Amused why he is doing all this? This is why!!!!!!!!


Riyaale wants to stay in power at whatever the cost

Riyaale knows well when/if it comes to election and ballot box he will certainly loose to the oppotion party namely to KULMIYE. Therefore; the only option left for him to stay in power is to divide and rule specially, beelaha Isaaqa iyo inuu soo nooleeyo dakharadii kala gaadhay wakhtigii dagaalada sokeeye, and to create civil war; then declare state of an emergency and subsequently denounce Somaliland Sovereignty thereafter, with the much loved/ renowned peace and stability of Somaliland gone, then his next steps is Somaliland is no different from Somalia so let us be part of Somali’s parcel.

The tyranny of Riyaale said no one is allowed to disagree or criticise us; but if you do so your fate will be the one in the notorious Mandheera prison as he has done so before with the founders of SNM and the liberators.  This tyranny of Riyaale said no one is allow to exercise their constitutional right and to demonstrate peacefully, but if you do so my police and NNS are instructed a shoot to kill policy as they did so on many occasion, 

The Riyaale tyranny hopes that the above actions will ignite the fire for tribal/clan killing and ultimately become a source for a civil war throughout the country.

But, When the shooting and the killing of ordinary people didn’t work i.e. start civil war, then the tyranny of Riyaale changes his tactics, and out of desperation they calculated that if they kill head of opposition party leaders it will 100% grantee start of civil war and of disintegration of Somaliland; that is exactly what Riyaale’s NNS have done on 6/4/09 when KULMIYE party and their supporters peacefully took to the street, what has had happened on that particular day was despicable, and act of terrorism.

An armed men; specially drafted for the occasion indiscriminately and without regard to anyone randomly opened fire at every directions and meticulously aimed at KULMIYE’s chairman Muj. Siilaanyo and his colleague but thanks to god it happen not to be what they were hoping for and no one was hurt. Nevertheless it was clear indication of how far the Riyaale’s tyranny goes to achieve his goals.  

Facing with all of the above and more: 

The KULMIYE party shows/proved that they leading and championing for saving our country and its people from this dictatorship and total collapse.  The KULMIYE party with support of Somaliland people proved that they are an effective opposition party to challenge this tyrant and stop once for all the looming disaster waiting to happen before it’s too late.  The KULMIYE proved that they will not be intimidated, threaten by the indiscriminate shooting, arrest or imprisonment employed by this illegitimate regime.

The KULMIYE party said loudly and clearly with the support of Somaliland people we will remove this unholy regime by peaceful means.

KULMIYE party showed and proved that they will led the people of Somaliland to exercise their god given and constitutional rights to express their dissatisfaction with this unconstitutional regime.

Record speaks for KULMIYE: the party and their well known liberators shows/proved that unlike the current regime they passionately care about the country and the people as they did so by liberating the country from tyranny of Siyaad Bare and since then.

Record speaks for KULMIYE: KULMIYE party shows/proved that they will never harm nor jeopardise the peace/stability and security of the country.

Record speaks for KULMIYE: throughout its existence the KULMIYE party show that unlike Riyaale’s regime they are the party of compromise and when necessary and for the sake of peace and stability relinquish/surrender their rights.

Record speaks for KULMIYE: they shows/proved that they can be entrusted for running a good government for the people and for the save keeping of the country for the future generations.

Record speaks for KULMIYE: KULMIYE declared their commitment and desire to restore the destroyed democracy and to resuscitate the dying country and its people.

Record speaks for KULMIYE: KULMIYE party stated they will return the power to the people as SNM did when they librated the country 1991.

As one would expects from opposition party the KULMIYE shows that the current regime has failed its responsibility and mandate for a good government and rule of law. 


To Somali Landers: I need not to tell you what is going on in our country, But be reminded never in history a dictatorship relinquishes a power by his own choice, history taught us that 99% they are removed at gunpoint, though I am pessimistic lets hope not that Riyaale wouldn’t go that far. To remove this regime from power by peaceful means lets put our support behind the opposition party specially the KULMIYE Party who shows and proved that they got what it takes, but without your support simply they can’t; thus the rein of terror of Riyaale will an doubly  continue and our future will bee a grim one. 

To Riyaale Tyranny: Make no mistake the period of dictatorship has long gone and Somali Landers has had their fair share of dictatorship and civil war, they knows you well for your attention; therefore will never accept nor tolerate your policy of divide and rule. 

To KULMIYE Party: As said above the desperation of Riyaale is to kill the opposition party leaders and other high profile members/individuals, therefore the KULMIYE party must make the safety and security of the party leaders as matter of high priority and must.  

In the name of all those for whom paid the ultimate price for us and for a just Somaliland .  

Hossain Eryal

London, UK.

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