SSE Conference & Annual General Meeting

SSE Conference & Annual General Meeting

Promoting Community Cohesion, Active Citizenship

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20th – 22nd March 2009

Wiks Slott



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It gives us a great pleasure to invite you to a unique dual Conference and Annual General Meeting to be held at: 

      Wiks Slott, Uppsala, Sweden between 20th and 22nd March 2009.  

Somaliland Societies in Europe(SSE) Annual General Meeting. In cooperation with our host organisation Somaliland National Association in Sweden we are planning to hold a Conference to discuss the current political developments in Somaliland and the role of the Diaspora organisations. Concurrently, we are planning the convene SSE’s Annual General Meeting.  

We would be grateful if you could pencil the date into your diaries and look forward to seeing you at the event. The agenda and other information about the event will follow shortly. 

Objectives of the event are: 

  1. To raise the profile of Somaliland Communities in Europe.
  2. To raise the profile of Somaliland identity and the distinction between Somaliland & Somalia.
  3. To discuss Somaliland achievements to date and the challenges ahead.
  4. To support and promote links and partnership between Somaliland communities and organisations in the EU host countries.
  5. To review the role Somaliland Diaspora plays and could play in the development of Somaliland and in the EU host communities.
  6. To present SSE’s performance over the past year, review current activities and structure of the organisation and finally
  7. To elect new committee members.


The first and second day of the conference will provide a platform for exchange of relevant experience in selected areas including: 

  • Somaliland organisations in EU countries and how their partnership with host countries is working regarding community cohesion, gender and other interrelated issues. The conference programme will focus on examples of good practice in integration and community-cohesion, hearing from the experiences of different Somaliland communities in EU countries e.g. UK, Scandinavian countries, Holland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Norway etc.


  • Discuss Somaliland in perspective and upcoming presidential election and the Process of Democracy and Good Government and Challenges Ahead


  • Discuss SSE organisations’ capacities, activities, networking and their potential contribution to Somaliland Diaspora in Europe as well Somaliland Development. 


  • Discuss and identify ways to improve joined- up and partnership working of the Somaliland organisations in Europe and enhancing their performance.


  • Discuss ways in which Somaliland organisations play an active role to help establish strong Somaliland community in Europe.


  • Discuss how best Somaliland organisations can build a bridge between these people and their country of origin (Somaliland).


  • Making robust and tangible recommendations for the future to tackle problems of Somaliland organisations in Europe and also develop guidelines for the near future to promote partnership between Somaliland organisations in Europe and their counterparts in Somaliland.

The meeting will seek to examine some of the issues concerned our co-operation and networking and suggest ways that our organizations and SSE itself can support to take these issues forward.


During the conference there will be other activities including book fair and there will also be additional activities at the book fair and it will be good opportunity to meet the Authors and also meet with other new people. 

We anticipate an exciting and productive conference: 

Yours Sincerely: 

Abdi Abdullahi

SSE Chairman 

For further information and booking please contact: 

1. Zakaria Waes    Sweden

2. Fathia Sh. Muuse   Norway

3. Mohamed Bashe   UK  mohamedbashe@hotmail.com4. Yassin 4. Yassin Abdourahman   Frans

5. Mohamed Amin   Denmark

6. Jama Muse Jama   Italy

7. Ismail Awil    Holland

8. Eid Ahmed    Wales (UK) 9.Hasan M. 9. Hassan M. Nur    Finland

10. Mohamed Hussein (Jacket)  Belgium

11. Aden Mohamed   Germany

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