Somaliland students in Yemen condemn with strongest possible terms the inhuman suicide attacks in Somaliland

We are condemning in the strongest possible terms  the terrorist act which targeted today The presidential palace, Ethiopian embassy and UN offices  in the Somaliland capital, Hargeisa, resulting large number of casualties.


We are hereby expressing our deep sorrows and condolences to the Somaliland leadership, government and people, and for the victims’ families, confirming Students stand with Somaliland government in combating terrorism.



we are calling somaliland leadership, government and the people to work against such attacks and to cooperate with each other. Somaliland’s solidarity and existence cann’t be affected by such barbaric and evil acts targetting innocent people. We also call all somalilanders to strengthen the peace and stability which is the only way that Somaliland could reach its goals and objectives which are to live peacefully and independently with the international community.


Finally, we believe that killing innocent people is the worst crime and our Islamic religion clearly prohibits with strong terms killing innocent civilians. Somaliland will insha ALLAH get rid off terrorism and those who are responsible for such inhuman attacks will be brought infront of justice.


Ahmed Mohamoud Elmi

Somaliland Students Association

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