21 Killed In A Blast In Somaliland

21 killed in a Blast in Somaliland

At least 21 people have been killed in a wave of coordinated car-bombings after three large explosions rocked the capital of Somalia’s self-declared republic of Somaliland, HargeisaThe presidential palace, Ethiopian embassy and UN offices were targeted in the coordinated car bomb attacks.

Guards outside the presidential palace opened fire on the attackers before the car was detonated.

One car managed to get into the basement of the heavily fortified UNDP office before the explosives were detonated.

The total number of casualties from the attacks has not been confirmed and rescue operations are going on.

There is no information about who was responsible for the three attacks, which took place within seven minutes of each other.

There is a lot of anxiety around the city and cars have been blocked from approaching the three locations.

Meanwhile, the AFP news agency reports that there have been two bomb attacks targeting anti-terrorism offices in another breakaway Somali republic, Puntland.

The simultaneous bombings were suicide attacks, reports say.

Somaliland has escaped most of the instability seen in southern Somalia since the last national government was overthrown in 1991.

But its declaration of independence has not been internationally recognized.

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