Hargeisa Recent brouhaha spotlights resentment

Hargeisa Recent brouhaha spotlights resentment


Let me put one thing in perspective: President Rayal is NOT Awdal or Selsel and neither Awdal nor Selsel is ONLY President Rayale. Any grudge or discontent, if any, with President Rayal government should not be associated with Awdal and Selsel. Both regions host a number of clans with Samaroun Clan in majority. Somaliland entity is a conglobation of clans including clans in these regions.

Southern Hargeisa recent brouhaha against SL government giving an equal access for development programs to other regions is “really” puerile. Our government’s decision to relocate the water-well rig to Gabiley and not to Awdal as initially concocted, short-circuited Southern Hargeisa residence to broach resentment against Awdal, reflecting the stealth central communal corporate concept about Awdal and Selsel as the sole beneficiaries from Mr. Rayale’s presidency.

While victory in resentment is never certain, the odds are strongly with the resented – provided he does the right thing. That is to stand up for his rights by its members in the government facets, be it either MPs or ministries. It is time for these regions to recognize it’s a whole new ballgame this time. It is incumbent upon both regions to wake up from their trance and react within the confines of the treaty they signed with the other clans in Somaliland. If not it will be a measure of their weakness in a time that talks louder receives the attention.

The blunt fact is this. In SL, resources and power sharing is the target for competition. And Hargeisa, master of all, behaving much the same like Mogadishu in the hay days of Somalia, is becoming dreadful to all other SL regions. Now is the exact time for these regions and others such as Sanaag to continue the pressure for equal access to our meager resources and developmental programs. It need not however require violence and uprising. But it will require considerable resolve for their renegotiations in the distribution.

Our Elders are the pillars for our unity, resources for wisdom, home for fair judgment to any resolution on our issues while we are marching towards full democracy, and remedy to any political mishaps by our greedy politicians. We all have high regard of each and every one of them. In the same token we expect from our elder actions that conjure up our cultural and social ethics. We beg them to stop playing footsie with Rubble-rousers and clan chauvinists whenever the ball rolls to the other side. They must be more awake to the impact of what they say and whom they talk to. Most importantly avoid inducing clan sentiment in the growing minds of our society, our youth.

Unfortunately elders in Southern Hargeisa, before they even ask our government for any explanation about the rig relocation, their offensive epithets and invectives directed at Awdal are narrated in the SL news media. Some of them even went into a length of threatening the peace and the existence of the country unless their desire is met while others aired via BBC waves their reason of staging such demonstration has to do more about the location the rig intended to (Awdal – later proven false) than it is about the rig movement itself in saying,” La nooma sheegin in riga Gabiley lageynayo”.

I wonder then if our country’s peace and existence is accredited only to the fulfillment of ONE sub clan desire and if giving Awdal access to government development projects is an alien concept. If so, then the predicament of Somalilanders desire for independence would be on shaky grounds and recognition aspirations as ephemeral fantasies, as anti-Somaliland commentators risibly argued.

Though the government’s decision to relocate the Rig was as unseasonably as it might have been, the lack of cool heads of our elders to react against while not applying in a nuanced and legal way was the impetus behind all the brouhaha. Hargeisa Southern province clan were said to be feeling left out of the recent government announcement of tribal enclaves that would have stoked, nerved and kindled resentment against Awdal as though Awdal is the culprit of it or somehow conspired against.

The throng of youth demonstrated in Hargeisa streets during the Rig saga was largely to blame for mistakes in judgment committed by Hargeisa Southern elders and the lack of our government’s forthcoming with reason for its action in advance to shrug off any ambiguity and not to give leeway to exploit by clan chauvinists and rubble rousers.

Some may argue that it’s a tribute to our society that even amid our strive for independence and recognition we are not yet capable of seeing the inner dark forces working hard to dismantle our clan cohesion and unity for better Somaliland. And then they are among us who still entertaining the same presumption of us against them in the pre-Somaliland era in the situation now when cohesion, unity and mutuality avail to attain our goals.


Needless to say, but I wanted to remind our Southern Hargeisa elders that, as Somaliland elders, you owe us our country’s peace and unity. We respect you. But your immediate drafting for conclusions without being prudent on details and judgment about issues could roil clan relations and propel our demise. It should not be hard to see resentment against Awdal is not always the solution for any clans’ grievances with President Rayal’s government. Awdal has no firm tentacles in the corridors of power in president Rayal government and its inner workings as you do. Awdal should not be treated as pariah. It is part and parcel of Somaliland with equal rights as any other SL region.

Finally I wanted to send, on the behalf of Somalilanders in Diaspora, our condolences and deepest sympathy to all the parents and relatives who lost their beloved sons in this unnecessary incident.


May Allah bless Somaliland

Sharmarke Ali


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