Time is Up Mister

Ali Gulaid

Time is Up Mister

Read carefully and follow the instructions. The game is over. Be gracious, don’t over stay and develop an Exit Strategy. At best, negotiate to remain as an interim care-taker and at worst as a member of a governing coalition. The people of Somaliland were, in the first place, too generous and too forgiving to elect you, as unfit and as unqualified as you are; too patient to put up with your autocratic inclinations and peccadillo. Too bad, if it felt too short. Nothing is for ever. All good things have to come to an end. In case you didn’t get it, your time is up Mister.

As of today, May 16 2008, your 5 year term has expired. A minute longer is unconstitutional, so please pack up, haul out your stuff, hand-over the keys, find a good lawyer and remain silent or anything you say will be held against you in Court of Law. Resist the call and you face the consequences. What is the alternative you say, read the fine print: there is more than one way to show you the door.

You came from the front door with the will of the public but with the indignation of the public you would storm out at the back door hiding if you don’t heed the call

You have a habit of repeating like a broken record that you were elected but as of today you lost that bragging rights. What would you say now, “appointed, anointed, crowned…?”

You have betrayed the public trust; you have squandered the goodwill; you have jeopardized the long awaited aspiration of political recognition and the international community has given up on you by withdrawing the aid on the table. Truly, you disgraced Somaliland

We trust that Siiraanyo and Faisal who among them received over 58% of the vote casted would be kind enough to assist you with finding Exit Strategy to allow you hang in few more months as a goodwill gesture and charity not as a president but rather as an interim care-taker – This is your chance to safe face. Anything else would be foolish and dangerous.

I will leave you with Mr. Wadani Maxim

Murtida Maanta iyo Mr. Wadani

Reer Jigjiga markay Madaxdooda ka hadlayaan waxay yidhaahdaan, Madaxda maanta waa Maxaabiistii berri. Waayo, Madaxda soo marta mid aan Xilka ka dib Xabsi gelini waa yar yahay. Waxaan taa uga socdaa, horta ninna Kursi aanu ogayn in khaladka uu ku galo lagu ciqaabi doono kama kaco. Sidaa darteed, Somaliland Kursi aanay Ciqaabi ka dambayn, ayaa ishaa u yeelay, xaalkeeduna waa ku-fadhiistaa kama kaco. Markaa, [Aw] Rayaale la yaabi maayo oo xaalkiisu waa sidan waa la yeeli jiray, laakiin, waxaan leeyahay haddii la yeeli jiray, layskama yeeli jirine macnaa lagu yeeli jiraye, marinkeedii soo mar.

As Mr. Wadani implied PLAY BY THE RULE or PERISH. You can hold this post only through election and not by quid pro quo. Hold timely elections if you like the position so much and compete; you have the money and the machinery, what is there to fear.

Ali Gulaid, San Jose, CA

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