What Is Wrong With More than 200 Individuals Who Were, Like School Children Told To Stay Quiet And Listen To An Irrational President?

In a bold move that made me think that probably he has come to his senses and was ready to leave office, Riyale called for a meeting of the two Houses and told them first that: a) they were not allowed to ask him questions and when they did b) insulted them c) then showed his most irresponsible and foolish self by saying that he is not going to leave office on May 15. Few things seem abnormal in this kind of attitude:

  • He has totally ignored the conflict resolution that was supposed to be chaired by Chairman Abdurrahman Erro.
  • He has shown the public that he will do whatever it takes to stay in office
  • The day before the police killed young innocent youth with no provocation and he said nothing to comfort the frightened public.
  • That he has given no explanation, apology or has shown any remorse for the death of the people he was supposed to protect.
  • That he said nothing to the father who lost his only daughter or other parents who lost their children in the demonstration (it is interesting how many times I heard this president gloat: he is the president of the people. Where is that now? And what did it mean?)
  • He did not feel ashamed of ordering the police to kill their own.
  • That he did not address the issues of the budget and elections except to reiterate his desires
  • That he silenced all the voices except his and his echo

What bother the mind is why would the MPs listen to him? Why would they give him the audience that he does not deserve? Why couldn’t they walk out in protest so that he could speak to himself in an empty office since he was talking to himself anyway? How are these MPs ever going to tackle disciplining this man?

I think the least these MPs could have done to serve the public was to walk out of his presence to show him that he is irrational and mad.

I think the public should not stop the demonstrations and if that is what it takes the public should attack his mansion like they did to Ferdinand Marcos in Philippines. If he has no sense to make rational decisions, the Guurti is on his leash, the MPs have become inept but only with tragic consciousness, his guulwadayaal are killing civilians on the streets, and the Awdalites have somehow distanced his behaviour from them, then time has come for the public to attack him in his home and get him out of the mansion naked like Marcos. There is no other solution. If he is mad he should be treated like one.

If the intellectuals and elders of the country have any mind, let them lead the people to get this illogical man out of office by the power of the people and sooner than later.

Rhoda A. Rageh

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