Luga Yare Del Somal

Luga Yare Del Somal

This is how my friend who is now there put it when I asked him about the events at home. He must have been feeling utterly frustrated and angry at the moment I asked him the question. Who wouldn’t be under the circumstances? I have the feeling my question must have offered him an alternative to shouting into the toilet. I lent an ear he can trust. Even to me, my friend’s message hit a spot.

My friend is usually a happy person, open and peaceful. He is a serious intellectual who does not subscribe to the lows of life. If you see him you would never know his highly academic success from his modest demeanour. He is never underdressed and neither is he a pompous overdressed clown. He is a thoughtful man and a quite observer of life. You can never judge the depth of his knowledge from the size of his stature. He is a relatively young man but small and for his age and that may fool many people into thinking that he is not smart. He is an excellent judge of character. Here is what he said about the situation:

My father told me once: ‘before you were born, before the country’s independence and union took effect, there was an Italian newspaper called Couriere del Somal. In translation it was ‘war Somali side’ or rather in English ‘Somali News Carrier’ but those who waited for its daily news ill pronounced the Italian alphabet into ‘Kuryare Del Somali’ literally meaning in Somali ‘tiny necked news carrier.’ The word did not have any more significance than just an ill pronounced utterance. My friend takes his cue from that time.

He calls his character ‘luga yare del Somal’ or rather ‘small legged news spreader. The name he chooses is more sinister than the innocent mispronunciation. What he does not quite figure out is if this small legged beast spreads news or starts it. However, this is how he explains the massive agony and misunderstanding: Luga yare Del Somal is a dangerously pervasive beast. My friend stops short of characterizing this beast into a male or female. He hates polarization. Luga yare could have received these hopeless traits from a male or female relative and through genetic disposition and environmental conditioning have failed to achieve anything else. It is a tool for survival for a beast that lacks any ability to connect with others on intellectual level.

This small legged menace latches on to gullible simple minded individuals in the society. Gaining strength from these individuals’ lack of confidence just the same way as a leech takes its fill from the blood of unsuspecting cows, this small legged beast smiles to this and while patting this on the shoulder smashes the peace of the other by a little unfavourable news quoted from a black hole. This pervasive pest can be found anywhere and most probably spreads his news by phone. He sits right in the middle of the phone. Therefore, says my friend, if you were watching for the small legged beast on the streets, how about the one sitting inside the telephone. The resulting distrust is the basis of the problem. After all is said and done, the beast is the only one laughing. The question is how did my friend find out about this beast? How can peace be maintained with beast like this let lose? If his prey fails to spot it, is the beast, even as beast still smarter than them? Whether or not this harrowing beast dismantle before it disintegrates only time will tell.

This story throws us into a flashback at a time when such beasts were rare. His killers warned others of its perils. Syllogism is the key to putting this beast in tethers. This small legged menace has weak wobbly legs. Their strength comes from swallowing the dust they kick into motion. My friend and I are surprised at how easy it is to capture this beast and how devastating is its news. The seemingly smart intellect chokes on the beast’s news but have no power over it.

Rhoda A. Rageh

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