In His Speech, Silanyo Touched Many Issues …

The Chairman of KULMIYE Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo) addressed many issues affecting Somaliland in his opening speech.

  • In a country that freedom of expression is choked and confronted with stiff jail sentence and prison abuse, it was refreshing to hear from Silanyo that freedom of expression will be restored if his party wins the election.
  • The present government’s wall of secrecy has created cynicism and distrust in the society with its government, Mr. Silanyo promised Somalilanders of a transparent government that will be held accountable for its actions.
  • This administration bends the judiciary system to its whim, Mr. Silanyo promised Somalilanders of an honest Judiciary system that will observe due process.
  • The present government has paralyzed the job of the Parliament by unilateral decisions and by ignoring any reminders of constitutional violations, Mr. Silanyo promised to respect and work with all government institutions for the common good of citizens and preserving the dignity of the country.
  • This administration has trampled on the constitution, Mr. Silanyo promised to uphold the constitution and guard constitutional rights.
  • This administration has suffocated the media. In fact it has made it illegal to open any radio stations including educational radios except the state run radio to air in Somaliland. There are educational radios based in Hargeisa serving Somalia and Puntland but Alas! Could not serve Somalilanders because of this government’s yoke on media. Some of the best Somali poets are from Somaliland yet, the Hargeisa National Theatre is run (owned) (?) by a man from Djibouti. It is time that Somaliland’s cultural institutions reopen and its artists reign free in their country’s theatres. Mr. Silanyo promised for a free media to reign in the country.
  • The present government has outsourced the revenue generating livestock and while impoverishing the citizens of Somaliland has allowed Bosaso and Djibouti to thrive on the resources of Somaliland, Ahmed Silanyo promised to revitalize the economic institutions to benefit Somalilanders first.
  • This administration has ignored the history of Somaliland and has blackened the history of SNM from its archives and curriculum, Mr. Silanyo has spoken proudly of the history of Somaliland and that of SNM and has promised to care for its war veterans and its orphans.
  • This administration has not built a single viable governmental institution, Mr. Silanyo promised Somalilanders of ethical effective institutions and staff.
  • This administration has disenfranchised its youth and women, Mr. Silanyo promised to reverse this with building the capacity of its youth and women.

In contrast to an arrogant president who refuses to speak to the citizens of his country either to boost their confidence or alleviate any anxiety, Mr. Silanyo has wilfully submitted himself openly And humbly to his people. Whether or not Somalilanders have learnt to evaluate their elected officials on their merit and whether or not they choose Silanyo over Riyaleh in the coming election is only a matter of months.

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