No more Awdal

It is a bad year indeed if you are one of those people who were hoping Somaliland to be the state for all SomaliLanders.
Six new districts were announced by Somaliland government three of these new districts will give one Somaliland clan an absolute majority.

Perhaps some my fellow Awdalites will feel joy when they hear the birth of the new district in Awdal. Others may welcome it with cautions, but this is really illogical and absurd idea.
Not only the great Awdal province is being destroyed and divided but also it has been used to make a way for three unjustifiable districts. Odwayne, Saraar and Gabiilay, are all happened to be the region of Isaaq family.

It is a pity for Awdalites and for all those who advocate fairness and egalitarianism in Somaliland because thanks to this blow one clan can now officially claim unchallengeable majority and there is no damn thing we can do about it.

What is more unbearable to me and to many others is the fact that many villages that now are within the territory of Awdal will no longer be part of it.

This dirty trick is not only dishonest but downright dangerous, because the Hargeisa Politicians are expecting people from Awdal and Sool to get their share in district system, and given the fact that one clan now has at least seven districts will make Somaliland looks like a clan territory. And this is a great tragedy for any one who wishes to see Somaliland as fair and viable state.

But those of you from Awdal who are dancing with joy please don’t be fooled because Awdali’s share in Somaliland will not increase but it will diminish even further.
So if you happen to be Gadaboursi or Darood welcome to the world of minorities, because officially you will now be the new minorities in Somaliland.

In addition whether we like it or not, Somaliland will no longer sustain the argument of a statehood if this malfunctioning decision continues to stand as it is.

Finally is it only me or is everybody in Awdal gone mad by being happy with this so call new district?

Cabdale Farah Sigad

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