Run Riyaleh and the Guurti Out of Office by the Barrel of the Gun

Riyaleh shut himself away from the Somaliland society for thirty days claiming to be doing the business of the people then appeared like a clown in a circus calling every little hut in Somaliland a district and every shabby village a region. His comrades in this wild circus must have been part of this lunacy but the question is: What are the people in Somaliland going to do about it? He has played many jokes on the people of Somaliland abusing the tax of the hard working men and women in the country again and again. If anyone trusted this selfish guurti is protecting the business of the people, now is the moment of truth. Why can’t anyone stand up to this president and his animal farm friends whose only focus is to create problems for the people who have chosen him? If, as he claims, the people of Somaliland chose him to be their president, why can’t he trust their judgement again? Why is he resorting to voodoo to subdue the people? God’s power is above all and you the people should fear your Creator alone? Be God fearing people and take over Somaliland from the voodoo believers.

This is a lunatic president, ignorant and dishonest. He has plunged the country into corruption, poverty and he has made a mockery of the democracy that the people of Somaliland aspired to achieve. He must be removed from the country by any means necessary. He wants this country to plunge into civil war. This is the reason for his many hut districts. Somaliland society has to think of removing him from office very quickly. He has strong beliefs that the inhabitants of these holes called districts and regions will support him, but if they have any sense, they should know that their little huts are far from becoming districts or regions. Existing regions are suffering from lack of everything. Our present cities are bulging in the seams with hungry people who lack roads, hospitals, schools, electricity, clean water supply, proper sanitation and anything else that could make viable cities. Therefore, any delusions they might have of gaining from Riyaleh’s mad tactic is to confirm of their own madness. Tribal hooligans have before waved flags and slogans for this kind of actions. You people of Somaliland should grow up and cast aside this president and anyone who is loyal to him. He’s like Mugabe. The thriving Somaliland before he came to office is now on its way to a Zimbabwe state. The people of Somaliland should not be waiting for his boldness to progress into a stage where, like Mugabe, he burns his opponents alive. He has done everything to humiliate the Somaliland citizen. Nothing is left but to unite forces and fight him out of office.

If the people of Somaliland do not stand up to this kind of divide and rule manipulation of clans, they will always be run over by uneducated idiots like him. If President Riyale has any sense, he would have ruled this country at least with honesty, even if he is ignorant. He has no foresight and no plan for this country and on top of that he is arrogant. He has no respect for the citizen, no love for the country, no patriotism of any kind and no honesty to his God.

You people of Somaliland and the fighters of dignity should stand up and take this country by the barrel of the gun. All of this is happening because we don’t want to disturb the peace. Trust me, there will be no peace if this behaviour continues.

Rhoda A. Rageh


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