The Anti- and Pro-Hardliner Arguments of Somaliland Separation Issues.

“That which is a common to the greatest number has the least care bestowed upon it”

A Greek philosopher once noted that an effective medium of communication and verbal skills are the fundamental traits that set aside humans from other beast when it comes to settling their differences over a given issue. Of course other creatures also manifest certain level of linguistic sophistication as behavioral scientists of animals would like to remain us, but it is often the essentials of the ‘might makes right’ notion that determines the outcome of any disagreement and eventuality of the social order.

More to the point, individuals and related compatriots of a nation can disagree over particular socio-political vision and cause, but sooner or later some rationality and through mutual consent of all concerned sides should prevail in the end. In those unfortunate moments where such quintessential prudence did not make it through or subverted, then the whores of war are inadvertently unleashed thereby resulting untold suffering, mayhem, destruction and decay upon society.

What’s even relevant is also the fact that these circumstances can invariably create an ideal breeding ground and godsend opportunity of sorts of fringe elements to quench their criminally minded egos. Extremists constitute tiny minority of any given social order in the peacetimes and no race, nation, tribe and sections of community or civilization of the past and current are immune from.

These hydra-headed, social outcasts often prosper among the failed societies or nations by replicating like maggot population thriving in ideal conditions. A leadership deficiency status and lack of vision propels them into prominence. In return, they often shed crocodile tears; prey on emotions of the feeble minds while still courting other minority opportunist elements in the masses. They exploit and manipulate in precipitous societal situations by playing with the fears, hopes and other deep-seated prejudices of the people without giving any thought on neither long-term consequences nor the aftermath scenarios of future sectarian violence. Basking in the state of illusion and momentary glory is the more appealing. You could hear anything from these affiliates except meal culpa as every mishap and blunder relegated to the others’ fault.

By the time masses wake upon the bottomless abyss they stuck and realize the knee-deep bloodshed that were spilt, former snake oil sales men are to be found nowhere: they are either buried under the Berlin’s Reichstag bunker, along with their survival kits and ideological soul mates, just like the Fuhrer or change the shirts and espouse on other dishonest political discourse by making hate and nefarious comments from oblivion.

Take the case of chauvinist-cum-macho Col. Bihi of Hargeisa who keeps spewing out malodorous, tribal diatribe from time to time. Apparently, demonizing Rayale’s regime to quench his cravings for hate is not sufficient and thus twisting and/or stretching bit every topic to the other outlandish denominator and the clan factor is the way to go. After all, this is allegedly the man who openly entertained once an idea of carrying out complete genocide projects against non-Isaq larger communities in S/Land as if few truckloads of second-rated ammunition and deceitful of Ethiopian connection could have sustained his wicked clannish agendas. It makes wonder how some of the so-called genuine political parties still keep grooming among its ranks such narrow-minded folks, if not a ticking sectarian killing bomb, and talk about fairness and healthy democratic ideals.

Still speaking of tolerance and rational arguments, we often come across the forums some insensitive, nonsensical comments and others taunting the peers a range of indiscriminate including siadist, faqash, unionist and so on. If these labels were mean anything, majority of Somalis across the board including Isaqs are not immune from and as guiltier as anyone else. The least these people could do is not to insult their intelligence, not to mention that of opponents and the public.

People support a cause in one time or another for whatever reasons. Take for instance the old unionists or many others across the social and clan stripes who tolerated various Somali regimes no matter however corrupt and unholy. Unlike today’s warlord outfit uninitiated apologists, past unionist were idealistic people who gave their best shot to the common good above all and cannot blamed for what has transpired later, except naiveté and lack precautions. As for the latter case, including the last regime, they were not necessarily as much pro-regime position per se, save for few policy makers, as they were related to other bedeviling factors – - something to do with a general apprehension about the ill-defined agendas of various armed factions and their vision or other anxieties about future scenarios of collapse. The notion of ‘bad government is better without it’ was the point of reference for many and so far history proves they were right

If some stakeholders intend to spark genuine, constructive debate on the secession issue (I’m not talking dishonest intellectual apologist who tries to convey a knee-jerk argument of how the TFG and its stogies are democratic flag bearers, etc.), they should have every right to do so and rest of us should reciprocate with its kind instead of soiling one’s reputation. Character assassinations and mere shouting diminish all of us, not to mention that it against the very sprite of free thought of democratic ideals.

The issue of separation among silent majority SL populace seems to be more of consequential thing rather than pre-conceived idea. Few hardcore plus other deeply entrenched and usurping elitist camps could be exceptions. The said situation is exasperated by the memories of multiple betrayals and mafia-style office abuse known for southerners in the past. People are also perplexed by the perennial vicious warlord sub-culture in the South. They are now convinced, more than ever, that their counterparts will never be serious about anything, let alone to come clean out of inherent hypocrisy and arts of political opportunism. This is yet another major blow to any meaningful future prospects on either divorce formalities or other political arrangements.

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