Somaliland is at the critical junction

The trip of His excellence, the President, Mr. Riyaale caused storms of protests both sides of Atlantic ocean , why Somalis or punt Landers as they like to be called. demonstrated against the president of another country, Somaliland, when they heard the pentagon is extremely pushing State Department to recognize Somaliland, does the trip to London and Washington had any relationship to Somalia whatsoever?, I do not understand why?, do punt Landers have any cause that the trip can jeopardize? If any, what ,why these people not protest for last 17 years is another question, did they born yesterday?, were they not in UK and US!!, I leave these to you,

Somaliland is built on the burial of Somalia on may 18/1991,since then ,this country was running as independent entity, the majority of the people of great country convened in Buroa and declared to restore their lost sovereignty, and reformed its political structure,

You people open your eyes and look at the world around you, you ought not to demonstrate to my president, because its nothing to do with your brothers of Ethiopian whose their military firepower is feeding rockets and missile with your innocent people from Mogadishu and ogdens ,first and foremost your wrong decision had adversary affect to what you wanted , namely to close the door to three million and half who are self-reliant, but it worked other way round, strengthened our relationship with the west and cause to be covered by the biggest world media, secondly, its none of your business to write scandalous opinion, though you have right to air your cheap prejudice in the internet as long as you think ,you have losers to buy, if the riot is was simply out of good intention? As some may argue like faysal roble and new advocate of dead cause of greater Somalia Mr. heikal kended with majeerteeniya sounding name, I do not care if he is from ogadenia or majeerteeniya or dhulos (abbreviation of dhulbahante),I only describe something about his, opinion, but I still unconvinced why these people demonstrated against the president of another nation!!!, did they confuse riyaale with abdilahi yay known as the wolf?it maybe,

Despite the diverse people of the state of Somaliland, the loyalty of the government is shared by all, Isaacs are the dominant tribe there and yet the president is not from the above-mention clan, this indicate you if you any have common sense that rich democracy like Somaliland, tribe is not a factor at the all ,trust me Riyaale is elected through ballot boxes

Whatever the cause of your demonstration, I see as an isolated incident. because Mr adan qaybe, fuad adan ade,sandule ,and xaabsadde, this great men who highly educated are our side, they represent the majority of those who protested unthinkably, in general and the pure Somalilanders in las canood in particular,
Those who are against the African’s success story(Somaliland ) follow the path of totalitarianism, fascism, faqashism, Nazism, we will never tolerate them in posting their hatemongering views ,and we direct our resources to crush them wherever they are sooner or later, I ask faysal roble and his ilk to direct his effort his dying people of ogaden, and stop interfering other’s business, if anybody want us where we are, our tanks are rolling in las canod and haro digeed and awaare and towards garoowe, there you find not in the internet,

Abdidrahman Momahad Dule

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