When the Fundamental strucures of Good Governance is not in place, what value will DRP projects have? By Dr. Ali Abdi Mohamed

Yaa labeeyoo liibaanay

When the Fundamental strucures of Good Governance is not in place, what value will DRP projects have? nor do we care the illusive Millions of Dollars mashed, therein

There was a two day conference at Mansoor Hotel, between the UNDP, donor Nations , World Bank and the Somaliland Government over the implementation talks on the long going process of the World Communities contribution to the development Projects of Somaliland, which had two previous name changes as to the Project Identification.

We do have two dilemmas here. The project has far reaching repercussions on the territorial integrity of Somaliland for one, and the absence of the basic fundamental structures of good governance on the part of Riyale Administration not in place on the other hand, such as, the state of law where there had been no transparency laws, no reliable Auditing of Government services, no accountability on state policy implementation officials over their responsibilities, justice is afloat and corruption exceed that of Nigeria. It appears though, we talk about democracy, we are under Martial Order in state affairs.

On the Parliamentary front, the Guurti or upper house of parliament, have extended their mandate by themselves, over-crossing the National Constitution as well as the country’s prevalent laws. The physical Annual budgets of the state had no attached statements of Account, there had been no justifying reasons on the lack of such vital statements, when at the same time the democratically elected Parliament resolutions are trespassed by the presidency through over-riding presidential decree.

We do not believe in illusive millions that will never be seen by the public nor benefited by the nation and it’s communities, unless those fundamental state structures are projected and made functioning. It’s a third world leadership political psych-therapy, to talk about fancy tales of prospering the nation and the Communities, whenever, elections reflect over the horizon. The Somaliland Communities however, do appreciate and do have a good gratitude to any body, be it the U.N Agencies, donor Nations, International NGOs, donor Nations and others who assist, initiate or campaign for, any constructive Assistance to Somaliland.

We had a dream of projecting a modern state of law and order, state of Transparency, justice and equal opportunity, a model state to Developing Nations that stand by itself upon relying on it’s meager Financial and Mineral resources, it’s resourceful Manpower in a well planned but staged National development plan, based on our prioritized National and public anticipations in kicking-off Development project that should create jobs, to curb poverty while generating state revenue and development. Road-net work improvements, Government services to the public and extending the Government Administration to every inch of Somaliland Soil.

We can believe in this current Administration, when they practically reverse their unlawful breeches into the Constitution and National laws, when they release the Politically detained Officials of Qaran Political Organization, based on Law No. 14. when they release or bring to Court of Justice, the Presidential Staff employee “Ubax” who is detained at Dalooldho Police station over a week now, without being taken to court of Law, nor without any explanation on her detention. when the Administration shows modesty in returning the properties, Offices and the Power of Authority to the rightful owners of Shuuro-net, who had been ousted by the Government at gun-point.

If democracy was defined as a state by the people for the people, l am afraid what we have here contradicts that.

Dr. Ali Abdi Mohamed, Hargeisa

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