SOPRI Press Release: 2006 Somaliland Conference In Arlington Now Available In DVD


March 24, 2007

The Somaliland Policy and Reconstruction Institute (SOPRI) announces the sale of the Video (9 DVD’s) that has been produced from the 2006 Somaliland Conference in Arlington, Virginia (USA). The price is $40 dollars. Limited copies were produced and please contact us immediately to purchase your copy; do not miss to buy this important collection

You can purchase the video by contacting one of these individuals now (the closest representative to your location). If you want SOPRI to send you the DVD’s by mail please make sure you include $10 postage charges. We are working on making sale of the Video online and we’ll keep you informed when you can purchase online.

Mohamed Beergeel
41 Palomino Drive
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4C-0P8, Canada

Rashid Nur
1307 Benicia Lane
Herndon, Virginia

SOPRI will send complimentary copies of the 9 DVD’s to major sponsors of the 2006 Somaliland Conference in Arlington Virginia (individuals or organizations who contributed $1,000 or more). We are confident the first 100 sets of 9 DVD’s per set will be finished very quickly and we’ll like you to purchase your copy today by sending an email or calling us immediately. Please make sure to include $10 postage charges if you require Mail delivery.

Thank you very much for your continues support to SOPRI

Saeed Megag Samater

President, SOPRI

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